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The punnets are perfect for packaging fresh fruit and vegetables, since they both protect the product and are appealing to the consumer. For these reasons, but also because they are an economical solution, they constantly gain ground over other packaging materials such as bags.  The punnets are used mainly in small packages of high value products, such as small fruits, strawberries, mushrooms, etc., or very sensitive products.  They have openings and slots for the necessary ventilation and cooling of the fresh produce. Other products packed in punnets are nuts, snails etc. The punnets can either remain uncovered (such as the simple strawberries punnets) or close with a corresponding lid, a mesh (with different types of netting, such as rubber, extruded, etc.), food membrane, and film (flow -pack or heat-sealing). Depending on the product, but also on the market addressed, punnets may have an integral air-plast piece or absorbent cloth at the bottom, or even a handle (single color or printed).  The materials that fruit and vegetable cups are made of are mainly polypropylene (PP) and polyester (PET).

Pet Punnets

PP Punnets

By maintaining commercial activities and strategic partnerships with leading companies in Europe, HELLAGRO offers branded and high reliability products and industrial packaging solutions, as well as agricultural supplies and quality packaging solutions for fruit, vegetables and horticultural products to the market. To ensure quality, HELLAGRO is certified and applies ISO9001: 2008 and ISO22000: 2005 standards which guarantee the high standards of its products.