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The perforated Stretch Film  is an innovative product with its main feature being its perforated surface that allows the ventilation of the packaged products. This way, it maintains all the properties of the common Stretch Film and covers the requirements for use in cooling chambers and in other special applications. Available in hand and machine film for simple and automatic machines. Also, depending on the application, they are categorized in Micro (with small holes) & Macro (with large holes) perforated.


1.     Less time required for cooling and ventilation of products.
2.     High stability and secure seal.
3.     Less waste volume – lower waste-handling costs.
4.     Environmentally friendly – fully recyclable.
5.     Applications: Biological products – for anything that needs to “breathe” such as fruits, vegetables, plants, eggs, cheese etc.
6.      Products that have been palletized warm – to avoid humidity and for sterilization purposes, such as alcoholic beverages, soft drinks, canned food, medical products, animal feed, desserts etc.
7.      Frozen products – for temperature maintenance such as ice cream, meat, fish, vegetables, snacks, etc.


Perforated Machine Stretch Film
Colour: Transparent
Roll width: 480mm

Roll length: up to 4000m

Perforated Hand Stretch Film

Colour: Transparent
Roll width: 480mm

Roll length: 600m

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