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PRONTOLEFINA shrink film of high machine strength and elasticity in a plurality of types: micro-perforated, antifog, special properties, high and medium shrinkage factor.



  1. Improves the method of presentation and conservation of products, attracting customers.
  2. Suitable for packaging and preserving products against external factors during transport from the supplier to the end consumer.
  3. Available in various types depending on the product and the machine for which it is intended (automatic, semi-automatic or automatic).
  4. Certified for use with food in low or high temperature applications.


Prontolefina -10010-12-15-19-25-30-38 μm The polyolefin shrink film is the best alternative to traditional PVC/PE/PP/BOPP. It features high transparency, high shrinkage, good value-price ratio
Prontolefina-20010-12-15-19-25-30-38 μm The high performance shrink film is a truly versatile product. Compatible with high-speed packaging machines. Ideal for uniform shapes and complex packaging applications.
Prontolefina -40012-15-19-25-30-38 μm Ideal for “heavy” products. Packs products of all shapes, even those with sharp edges. Particularly suitable for distributing promotional packaging in retail stores.
Prontolefina -50012-15-19-25 μm Best antifog properties. Suitable for the retail packaging of frozen products such as fruit, vegetables, meat, etc. Can also be used on irregularly shaped products.
Prontolefina -60012-15-19-25 μm Suitable for stationery, magazines, linens, gifts and other soft goods. Helps soft and flexible products to retain their form without distortions.
Prontolefina -70012-15-19-25-30-38 μm Excellent printing properties. Suitable for flexography and rotogravure. Printing from 1 to 8 colors. The excellent print quality upgrades the product itself, while achieving cost savings at the same time.
Prontolefina -80012-15-19-25 μm Allows air renewal between the packaged food and the environment, maintaining the freshness of the product.

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