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 Nets for sports facilities may feature printed advertising brands, digital printing using a special method that ensures perfect viewing in bright and vivid colors even after many months of application in indoor and outdoor facilities. These nets come ready with integrated peripheral hoops and special support hooks that make them ready to install at the site.



 Dense and durable weave

Dimensions according to court aspects (on demand)

Resistant to ultraviolet radiation

Made of environmentally friendly materials

Limit the effects of sudden wind gusts


Indicative dimensions: 2.2m x 35m, 2.2m x 10m, 2 m x35 m

Colors: Green, Blue, with black print

By maintaining commercial activities and strategic partnerships with leading companies in Europe, HELLAGRO offers branded and high reliability products and industrial packaging solutions, as well as agricultural supplies and quality packaging solutions for fruit, vegetables and horticultural products to the market. To ensure quality, HELLAGRO is certified and applies ISO9001: 2008 and ISO22000: 2005 standards which guarantee the high standards of its products.