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The Uvasys plastic grape guards from South Africa (or sulfur dioxide generator) appeared on the market 20 years ago and has brought a new, highly innovative development in the grape preservatives sector. It became the product of choice in many markets and therefore over the years there has been development of competing plastic grape guards. These products are manufactured and printed deliberately to resemble Uvasys. Their performance however is very different. Uvasys is the sole plastic grape guard featuring dual release.  In recent years, and in order to meet the needs of grape preservation solely during transportation or few days storage, the manufacturer also introduced the Uva-Uno to the market, which features single, rather than dual release.

HELLAGRO also provides the Uvas Quality classic paper grape preservatives made by the Chilean IMAL.



  1. Packaging convenience for the grape box.
  2. Lower labor costs.
  3. Cost savings due to the elimination of paper packaging materials.
  4. More uniform distribution of sulfur dioxide in the container.
  5. Safety: Chemicals can not be dispersed if Uvasys is accidentally torn.
  6. Uvasys can easily adapt to dimensions so as to fit most boxes.
  7. Predictable and stable emission of gas.
  8. Extensive storage periods are possible without changing preservatives.
  9. As Uvasys does not emit large bursts of gas, in case of cold chain disturbance, grapes are subjected to less damage by sulfur dioxide.
  10. The sheet is not exhausted when the cold chain is interrupted.
  11. Table grapes stored in Uvasys have low residual sulphites (usually <5ppm), in accordance with Directive 2006/52/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of the 5th of July 2006, relating to food additives, with the exception of pigments and sweeteners.
  12. Same aesthetic appearance before and after use.
  13. The staff unpacking the products is never exposed to high levels of sulfur dioxide gases.
  14. Excellent appearance of stems and berries.
  15. The storage life of grapes is prolonged.
  16. Given that the sheet is compressed it requires less storage space.
  17. The sheet can be easily repacked in the box, if opened for any reason.
  18. Uvasys sheets do not need to be removed before the container reaches the supermarket.
  19. Strict quality assurance for each Uvasys batch.
  20. The Batch Number printed on each sheet allows traceability in case of problems.
  21. Preference of certain British supermarkets for grapes packed with Uvasys.



Uvasys grapes preservatives are available in four main sizes for corresponding boxes:


BOX SIZE – mm UVASYS SIZE – mm Package – pcs./box
400 x 300 356 x 260 1000
500 x 300 and cage 460 x 260 500
Cage and 600 x 400 460 x 350 500
600 x 400 530 x 350 500

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