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The main application of wax is on citrus fruits, but its use is allowed on other fruits as well. The coating of fruits in wax helps maintain moisture and freshness, while providing them with a sheen that renders them more attractive to the consumer.

In addition, the application of post-harvest plant protection products (fungicides) is usually performed through the wax coating. Waxes are water soluble ( “hot waxes”) or dissolved in an organic solvent ( “cold waxes” or “polishes”).
Citrus coating waxes are produced according to the latest European Directives and Regulations for safe use on fresh fruit.


Citrus coating waxes provide coated fruits with an impressive sheen. They dry very easily, even at low temperatures. Following all European Directives and Regulations, they provide packers with the security needed in the event of any control in Greece and the countries of export of their products.


The citrus fruit coating waxes are available in drums of 100 and 200 liters.

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