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Vacuum packaging bags are shrinking and embracing the packaged product, when contacted with hot water. Mainly used for packaging cheese, meat and sausages.

Depending on the permeability gases are divided into:

Zero permeability (high – barrier).

Semipermeable to carbon dioxide (CO2) from the interior of the bag to the environment.

The semi permeability is necessary for cheese which  continue to ripen after their packaging, thus releasing CO2.


 The main benefits of the shrink films Hellagro offers, are:

 Increased durability of products

Superb gloss and high transparency

Outstanding Shrinking



 Available in 2 categories based on its transparency:

Zero permeability (high – barrier).

Every category is divided in two types of bags according to its shape:

Straight bottom seam and Side seam

Zero, moderate or high permeability to carbon dioxide (CO2) from the interior of the bag to the environment depending on the type of bag

By maintaining commercial activities and strategic partnerships with leading companies in Europe, HELLAGRO offers branded and high reliability products and industrial packaging solutions, as well as agricultural supplies and quality packaging solutions for fruit, vegetables and horticultural products to the market. To ensure quality, HELLAGRO is certified and applies ISO9001: 2008 and ISO22000: 2005 standards which guarantee the high standards of its products.